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hashtag fandom life

Jan 28, 2021

This podcast stands with the Black Lives Matter movement. If you don't, we don't want you as a listener. 

national bail fund directory by state

one link to hella links for BLM activism 


We're finally back after taking a mental health break to scroll twitter in horror thanks to politics and n*zis. What do you mean that wasn't good for mental health. We talk about games that spark joy, Dan and Phil finally admit they're moving into their own house, and Phoebe is now tits deep in murderbot fandom and will never leave.


Phoebe’s twitter child

Don't Make Me Tap the Sign

Fugitive Telemetry

Stardew Valley



Full Disk Burn by fallintosanity

Something we want to tell you!


Tingting asmr bloopers



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