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hashtag fandom life

Nov 26, 2020

This podcast stands with the Black Lives Matter movement. If you don't, we don't want you as a listener. 

national bail fund directory by state

one link to hella links for BLM activism 



We are sad at the ending of Unus Annus and mad that it gave us a feeling. Supernatural ended and no one is happy, but the memes and meta are great, and it collides with politics in the most fandom of ways. Phoebe tries to explain american politics and talks about how romance novel writers raised a ton of money for a great cause. Also more murderbot because this is Phoebe’s fandom now.

Romancing the runoff

Romance Novelists Raise Nearly $400,000 for Dems in Georgia Runoff


I am READY for PowerPoint night

VR Furries Are Now Running Around The Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Four Seasons - TheSongSmith - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

I Try To Bake A Birthday Cake Without A Recipe *secret talent*

I Bought the World's Brightest Flashlight 

paint making asmr by PearFleur




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