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hashtag fandom life

Jun 11, 2020

This podcast stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and if you don't, we don't want you as a listener. The cops that killed Breonna Taylor are still free. Unacceptable.

national bail fund directory by state

one link to hella links for BLM activism


We are distracted by a calming chicken twitch stream as we talk about inuyasha getting a new anime, streamers on twitch, and how theaters are overrated and phoebe is never going there again.

Kingdoms and Castles on steam

Ksonney chicken cam



Anime/Manga] A Next-Gen Sequel to Popular Manga InuYasha Hints at an Extremely Controversial Pairing

Leverage is getting rebooted as IMDb TV’s first major original series

Dean Winchester, Agent of SHIELD


@seananmcguire twitter thread "Walt Disney World is closed."

Robert Pattinson: A Dispatch From Isolation

Tony Buys Cars by neierathima FINALLY fucking found it

white noise shortwave radio site

the auction of airwave frequencies that gave phoebe the story idea

@vantaeotsvn on twitter turned the ending of endgame into something touching<< not mentioned but still touching


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