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hashtag fandom life

Feb 3, 2020

Where we spend the entire time getting distracted by the muted video of a fireplace playing on the TV while we talk about youtube nonsense, reading fic critically, and making fic into books to keep FOREVER.


Fireplace video

Lady witches sims couple

SPTB is doing a series on RWA thank god

My Son My Sun by wordsplat

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do by copperbadge

Age of AI

A Movable Feast by copperbadge/scifigrl47 (Phoebe mistakenly said DJ was created by copperbadge. DJ is scifigrl47's creation, which she would have remembered if she had the fic open when she recced it)

As You Wish by cloverfield

Ethan has started pinging my ‘i would ship this’ radar and I hate it

hate. it.

He keeps acting like an adult and i hate itttttttt


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