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hashtag fandom life

Mar 31, 2018

 two grown women talk about fandom while scrolling tumblr and drinking coffee.

including the battle of phoebe and the computer fan and controversial opinions about girl scout cookies

what we mentioned:

Tyler's twitch channel, Dan and Phil, Markiplier, jacksepticeye

podfic tony lifts mewmew

harry potter and the sacred text

dan howell’s shop obvs

the ladydoor merch i would unironically buy the fuck out of

man with cat and pancakes

baby dan singing the llama song

I just had a 20 minute conversation explaining to a customer what chicken wings were. 

dan’s clothes twitter and tumblr


that homestuck fic with the korma (fic is deleted but podfic lives on to continue to traumatize us all)

pounded in the butt by my own podcast


markiplier’s tasteful nudes

Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark...Not Recommended

Ready, Fire, Aim


music credit