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hashtag fandom life

Apr 6, 2019

Warning for Autumn having the sniffles after getting over sickness. I tried to edit it out as much as possible. We talk about SPOILER dan and phil, mark being high and pure after getting his wisdom teeth removed, and jack's hair. Phoebe talks about finally finishing the giant tome that is The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon, and yes it has gay and dragons as promised. Then Phoebe won't shut the hell up about tobel playing kenshi.

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplier, jacksepticeye, Kevin and Ursula

Mark high as hell crying because he loves everyone so much

The pic dan tweeted when he was home alone being sad with wine

Dan being a soft boy

Camp is hard

Tobel playing kenshi rec by iron_spike

Priory of the orange tree by samantha shannon

Materwelonz red dead redemption letsplay

Mark riding a horse

Overinvested, podcast link i set autumn about hannibal

I should be reading podcast

Autumn’s links:

Fic rec: The Heart in the whole

Asmr hobbit







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