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hashtag fandom life

Mar 19, 2019

Rachel Oddment is here instead of Autumn so she can talk about Camp Nanowrimo in April! She gives a nice pep talk, we talk about writing and how you can't expect your first draft to look like a published novel. Then everything derails as we talk about old fandom, and discussing how old we are.

You can find Rachel on twitter @racheloddment and her insta.

what we mentioned:

Dan and Philjacksepticeye, Aaron Manke, Welcome To Night Vale,

Race Chaser

Says Who Podcast (w/ Maureen Johnson & Dan Sinker)

Space Opera by Catherynne Valente

Robot Trip (the avengers fic)

Sing the Space Electric (the tony and jarvis space opera AU)

the John Green video Rachel mentioned called “Failing to follow up The Fault In Our Stars” which is a lot about his experience with post success writer’s block

A teen vogue link about the fault in our stars alternate ending

Ear biscuits



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