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hashtag fandom life

Jan 6, 2019

we talk about fandom in the new year while watching tumblr burn and drinking tea. 

Thor the cat makes his opinions known and we further spoil dan and phil's tour and autumn falls into thomas sanders vids

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplier, Tyler, Aaron Mahnke (cabinet of curiosities, unobscured, lore), Jacksepticeye, Thomas Sanders

Dirty socks by waveydnp

Wtf jkr why are you like this


Taxes tweet thread

Momiplier cooking vid

jack end of the year vid

Mark end of the year vid

Jane Doe by victoria helen stone

Sanders sides shirt

Playing for fun podcast

Play it all night long

WLOP art

In Wade We Trust

Gorlassar art on pillowfort and tumblr

markwatches yuri on ice


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