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hashtag fandom life

Dec 5, 2018

we talk about fandom while watching tumblr burn and drinking coffee. 

We rise from the grave like zombie jesus to bring you interactive introverts spoilers and some other stuff and background cat purring at one point that phoebe didn't realize the mic picked up

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplier, Tyler, Aaron Mahnke (cabinet of curiosities, unobscured, lore), Jacksepticeye,



the productivity alchemy podcast

mark repenting for his broken promises

Festive AF sweater

brazil q&a

captain marvel tweet

Sailor Business with (lianne sentar)

Leader of the Free World by copperbadge (the clint barton president fic)

Shirley Curry grandma youtuber


You can keep up with us on twitter @hashtagfandom or tumblr! (while it's still here anyway)

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