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hashtag fandom life

Sep 28, 2018

we talk about fandom while scrolling tumblr and drinking coffee. 

We open with a spoilery convo about the anime snow white with the red hair, then shift into the always convo about dan and phil, markiplier, podcasts, and end on batman's penis and rapidly approaching nanowrimo.

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplier, Tyler, Kevin and Ursula, Aaron Mahnke



markiplier's lets be honest vid

the vid where dan is valley girl

i could fill my diamond pool, my rec

Blue My Mind, the mermaid horror movie

Stealing Harry and the podfic autumn's rec

Levar burton reads

jackalope wives

the twitter thread about the patil twins

the productivity alchemy podcast

dan and phil's pubg vid

batman's penis. there is no link. phoebe refuses.




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