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hashtag fandom life

Jul 28, 2018

we talk about fandom while scrolling tumblr and drinking coffee.

when Phoebe runs her entire day on espresso, then cries about seeing Dan and Phil's show the next day. We record at midnight and cats make an appearance.

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplierjacksepticeyeSailor J, Materwelonz, Madeywelook, Harto,

dan is becoming a distinguished cat gay

 dan taking off the thing on stage

the post about the black sarcophagus

The Paladin Protocol the big bang theory rec

A World Alone the girl dnp rec

dan hand thing

 Throw more brandy!

the phan podcast, that actually HAS done a first ep, The PhanCast

 Madeyewlook at vidcon

 Sailor J's thank you/goodbye vid

 The article at Dark Matters about Sailor J


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