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hashtag fandom life

Jun 30, 2018

we talk about fandom while scrolling tumblr and drinking coffee.

come on the journey of us yelling about detroit become human, Autumn having emotions about Check Please, phoebe talking about failing at coding a twitter bot when she was in adam lambert fandom, and what happens when dan and phil update while we're recording (spoiler: phoebe becomes an embarrassment to humanity and the androids cannot come soon enough)

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplierjacksepticeyeSailor J, Kevin and Ursula,

Run Program: Communication.exe

You Could Be Paying for This Yourself

The cute DBH art+fic


Ride or Die, the supernatural podcast by waldorph and pru

Bryan Dechart (Connor) and Amelia (the Tracis) first blind playthrough of DBH

the baby child meeting dan and phil and how cute is this i cant even ----EDIT FROM 7/14/18 PHOEBE---- I misgendered iihappydaysii and i apologize, I was unaware at the time of posting that he is transgender and I will do better in the future.

Pizza ditty song. i'm sorry.

Markiplier and Amy being cute as hell

Fanart of Sumo sitting on Connor

Interactive Introvert's world tour map

Bryan Dechart and Amelia crying over Detroit become Human

Check Please! 

Whatever the hell this stock photo is


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