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hashtag fandom life

May 7, 2018

two grown women talk about fandom while scrolling tumblr and drinking coffee.

in which there is no spoilers for infinity war, but absolutely spoilers for dan and phil's tour. also included is a discussion of saving fanfic, the correct way to say gif, and a way too long story of phoebe's time in adam lambert fandom on livejournal.

what we mentioned:

Dan and Phil, Markiplier, jacksepticeye

in a theory of infinite universes

the three ring job

Oxygen Not Included, the game where some characters are gender X and use they pronouns

the gif where dans reaching his hand out

ursula vernon's deviantart

kevin and ursula eat cheap podcast

the highlander book

phil being sacrificed and dan almost shooting phil in the crotch

dan getting zapped

phil sitting on piano while dan plays

dan and phil's penis gaming video (and mark's, and jack's)

phil's instagram story

dan yelling about things playlist

bleeding out as a round

mark talking about epilepsy

f*** this f***ing ass movie twitter thread about infinity war


the tumblr post about printing out fics into books

adam kissing tommy at the AMAs, unblurred version

dan and phil sleeping on grimmy's sofa



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