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hashtag fandom life

Jan 2, 2020

We talk about avengers fandom, audiobooks, and markiplier being himself. Then listen to Phoebe talk about #IStandWithCourtney and the racist drama going down in romance novel fandom and Damn Son

Alyssa Cole broke the news for Courtney

A twitter thread of the timeline by RomancingNope

Courtney Milan’s thread about...

May 6, 2019

Autumn has fallen into Assassin's Creed, while Phoebe has fallen into supernatural again. Not even god can save her now. Before the end times there is talk of the lovely dark beauty and the beast f/f book with a dragon, which also seems to be a theme lately.

what we mentioned:

Mark watches supernatural

In the...

Dec 5, 2018

we talk about fandom while watching tumblr burn and drinking coffee. 

We rise from the grave like zombie jesus to bring you interactive introverts spoilers and some other stuff and background cat purring at one point that phoebe didn't realize the mic picked up

what we mentioned:

Dan and PhilMarkiplier, Tyler, Aaron...

Sep 28, 2018

we talk about fandom while scrolling tumblr and drinking coffee. 

We open with a spoilery convo about the anime snow white with the red hair, then shift into the always convo about dan and phil, markiplier, podcasts, and end on batman's penis and rapidly approaching nanowrimo.

what we mentioned:

Dan and Phil