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hashtag fandom life

Apr 16, 2020

Rachel returns for yet another casual convo episode that you can put on in the background and pretend you have friends in this hellscape.

Be safe, think of others, eat the rich.

We'll get through this together. 6 feet apart minimum.

You can find Rachel @racheloddment on twitter and you can keep up with us on twitter @

Mar 24, 2020

The cat makes herself known constantly as Rachel returns for a casual convo episode about rupaul's drag race drama, sugar glider content, minor political talk, gay Chinese boys, and how we're all crawling up the walls as we social distance.

Be safe, think of others, eat the rich.

We'll get through this together. 6 feet...

Mar 17, 2020

We desperately try not to talk about whats sweeping the nations, instead talking about hannah hart, unus annus, podfic, plans for future episodes, too much talk about avengers endgame, and get interrupted by cat content.

[Podfic] Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do read by jellyfishfire

[Podfic] Leader of the Free World -...

Feb 3, 2020

Where we spend the entire time getting distracted by the muted video of a fireplace playing on the TV while we talk about youtube nonsense, reading fic critically, and making fic into books to keep FOREVER.


Fireplace video

Lady witches sims couple

SPTB is doing a series on RWA thank god

My Son My Sun by wordsplat

Jan 2, 2020

We talk about avengers fandom, audiobooks, and markiplier being himself. Then listen to Phoebe talk about #IStandWithCourtney and the racist drama going down in romance novel fandom and Damn Son

Alyssa Cole broke the news for Courtney

A twitter thread of the timeline by RomancingNope

Courtney Milan’s thread about...